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amherstians's Journal

Amherst Residents, and those who Enjoy and/or Enco
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A home for all Residents of Amherst (real, imaginary from the perspective of your choice),
If you are from Amherst, in Amherst, Love amherst, enjoy pi day, have the ability to turn anything into performance art, or can silently mock me for being tacky and then explain it mathmatically and/or aesthetically or not bother or know that this is unmoderated so know I'm mocking you for fun.

what's below this line..?


a.) whatever I want!
b.) the bestest place in the whole wide world :D D:
c.) tacky!
d.) cheeky
e.) got tired of you being so lame staged a protest to you, but gave up, because you might think you were important and/or special and/or aleph null-infinity=you suck, and you can't prove you don't. :D
f.) this f left in protest, forgot about the world, and shed tears of regret for my lame NaTure, forgot me, but has melancholoy dreams far to beautiful to remember, but to always strive for.
g.) =^.^= + ? =
h.) the real answer hides amidst the bs, hoping you'll find it...
i.) a snapping turtle

Luckily I've made it up to you by now, because I may or may not be from an alternate universe saddened by the lack of people showing the proper enjoyment of pi, and have showered you with forms of affection, both real and imaginary.